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3 dry tea packets of Just Tea Herbs - Essiac Tea 11.4oz (323.19g)
3 dry tea packets of Just Tea Herbs - Essiac Tea 11.4oz (323.19g)

3 dry tea packets of Just Tea Herbs - Essiac Tea 11.4oz (323.19g)

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Product Features:

  • Organic, U.S. grown Essiac herbs
  • 3 dry tea packets make 12 quarts (approximately 11.34L) of tea, each quart lasting around 8 days.
  • Original Rene Caisse 4 Herb Mix with the Sheep Sorrel root 


Makes 12 quarts (11.34L): This is a 3 month supply; 3 dry tea packets for 1 individual.

Suggested serving size is 2oz (60ml) on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.

Recommended maintenance dose is 2oz (60ml) once daily.

In-depth brewing instructions are included with your purchase.


  • Organic Whole plant Sheep Sorrel which includes sheep sorrel roots
  • Organic Burdock Root
  • Organic Slippery Elm Inner Bark
  • Organic Turkey Rhubarb Root

All four herbs are organic and grown in the U.S.

Additional Information:

To view our brewing instructions, visit https://www.just-t.com/brewing-instructions/

Essiac tea is said to enable the body to effectively remove toxins and wastes, permitting for cellular renewal and revitalized health

Disclaimer: Essiac tea is not FDA tested and has not been FDA approved as a treatment or cure for any health problem, including cancer.