My husband had stage 4 kidney cancer. surgery and chemo followed. a few years later cancer metastasized to his brain. surgery took care of it. Just Tea had him start Essiac tea right before the surgery. Cancer free for last 13 years. We were dismissed from Oncology after 17 years. Through prayer and Essiac tea, life is cancer free and he’s doing good. Giving it now to a cat with cancer. Expecting good results when we go for scans. Praising God for this awesome tea!!!

Fran D. 6/21/2023

Great experience ordering. My package came quickly and I received my birthday bonus. Thank you! I’ve been traveling and haven’t made my tea yet, but am so looking forward to starting it! The company has reached out several times offering to help if I have any questions. Great customer care!

Jane E. 6/5/2023

I am a 74 year-old woman, and I have read the posts from this group [Essiac Tea Users Group on Facebook] and have ordered the prepared tea for several years, but I haven’t posted about any successes I’ve had…until now. I’ve had some serious liver problems to the point where I had to see a doctor who specializes in liver transplants! It scared me to death! However, I had my annual visit with my regular doctor yesterday, and I had my blood test a week ahead, and she told me my liver numbers were NORMAL!!! I can’t tell you how elated I was! She asked what I had been doing, and I told her I had gotten serious about taking ESSIAC TEA. I just thought I should post this great news.

Shari, 3/8/23

Just here to say, I'm feeling sooo much better taking 2oz every morning of premade "Just Tea" & drinking lots of water . Thank You

Linda, 3/14/23

I love this premade Essiac Tea! Their customer service is great too!!

Lori, 3/31/23