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We concentrate on quality Essiac Tea products. All our ingredients are organic or wildcrafted and carefully chosen for potency and freshness - we NEVER add alcohol or preservatives of any kind to our tea, and we ALWAYS include sheep sorrel roots.


Our founder and owner, Ginny Evans, began brewing Essiac Tea in 1994 for her family. She received the recipe after attending a conference while searching for answers about how to help her sister who had Breast Cancer.
She continued to learn about Essiac and Rene Caisse and purchased the book, "Calling of an Angel," by Gary Glum. In reaching out to Dr. Glum she verified the recipe with the one she has previously received, which was the original 4 herb Rene Caisse Essiac Tea formula. Over 25 years later we're using the same time tested recipe to make both the dry Essiac tea packets and the premade Essiac tea quarts. 


25 years later we are a small, family-owned business making quality Essiac Tea products. Located in Cookeville, Tennessee (USA), we grow and harvest our own sheep sorrel, including the roots, each year for our products.



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